• Defeating Writer's Block
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    Defeating Writer’s Block

    The hero is just about to triumph. He’s made his way to the villain’s hideout. His army marches behind him.  But the villain lurks in the shadows, ready to attack.  As Admiral Ackbar would say, “It’s a trap!” The same thing also happens to us writers. Everything is going splendidly. We got good feedback on our short story, we just wrote two thousand words, and on top of that, we fixed a major plot hole.  We sit down to write the next day and we smack into an immovable wall. There’s no way over, under, or around it.  We’re stuck.  Everyone faces obstacles. Think of any story. The heroes always…

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    Remember–A Flash Fiction

    I thought of you today, as I sifted through the boxes of memories in the attic of my mind.  I remember the first time we met. How after my brother introduced me to you, your eyes never followed another girl that whole night. I was wearing that teal dress I thought made me look like a movie star. I thought that was the reason why you watched me.  Next time I saw you, you were picking up my brother to go to a conference. I didn’t know you were coming, so I was in the yard, my unwashed hair in a tangled bun, wearing a too big T-shirt and ratty…

  • The Secret of Contentment

    The Secret of Contentment

    During the month of May, I challenged myself to read the book of Philippians once a day. While I missed a few days, I consider this Bible study exercise a success.  Instead of just reading Philippians and forgetting about it, I was able to remember what I studied.  But this article isn’t about how to study the Bible. Instead, I wanted to share a lesson I’ve learned from the Apostle Paul that I think is very relevant for our times today.  First, I want to challenge you to go read Philippians straight through. It probably will take ten to fifteen minutes of your time. Then come back to this article.…

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    Dust Blog Tour Stop #6–Author Interview and Book Review!

    Hey, friends! I’m super excited to be sharing this post with you all! *throws pixie dust* One of my favorite authors, Kara Swanson, is releasing a new book in July! It’s called Dust and it’s a Peter Pan re-telling. (It’s awesome, by the way.) Below, you’ll find an exclusive interview with Kara herself as well as my review of Dust. But first, a treasure hunt… Every day in the month of June, someone will share a keyword on their blog. If you collect all 36 (because some days have more than one post, though the past few months feel like they have been 36 days long XD), you will find…

  • The Guardian
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    The Guardian–A Flash Fiction

    No one came to see the Guardian anymore.  He sat in the same place he had for centuries, his face set like stone against the elements. If someone was to pass him by, they might mistake him for a statue he was so weathered and overgrown with vines. Yet no one had walked down that wooded path in years.  He quietly hummed to himself, watching the humans walk past his hidden grove on the paved sidewalk. He had seen many such people. So many of them distracted by the noises around them to notice the hidden magic of the gardens.  A pigeon landed on the Guardian’s outstretched hand and pooped.…

  • The Eighth Ransom by Given Hoffman
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    Book Review: The Eighth Ransom by Given Hoffman

    Good morning, friends! I recently had the opportunity to read and review a book with my mom and brother. It’s pretty rare all three of us read the same book, so it was pretty fun. We read The Eighth Ransom by Given Hoffman. Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads: Trent Soris is an artist with a chip on his shoulder, and Ashley Rye is what Trent would describe as an annoying religious kid. When they’re kidnapped with six others from across the U.S., they have nothing in common but their enemy. To survive, all eight of them will have to depend on each other. By working together, they just might prevent…

  • This World of Gray--A Flash Fiction
    Short Stories

    This World of Gray–A Flash Fiction

    The only thing that kept her grounded was her music. Her earbuds were like an IV, streaming life into her bones.  When They came, she started sleeping with the carefully shaped plastic pieces in her ears. When the bombs came and the world turned to ash, she turned up the melody to drown out the screams. When soldiers crowded the streets in front of her home, she hummed along.  As she walked down the dirty streets, she kept her eyes closed and she moved in sync with the rhythm. She let the soft magic of harmony take her away and to a place with green grass and blue sky. Here,…

  • Return of the Distraction Squirrels!

    Return of the Distraction Squirrels!

    I don’t know about you, but quarantine is making it even easier than before to get distracted. Because I have next to no plans, I keep procrastinating with just about everything. I often tell my mom, “Well, it’s not like I have any plans for the weekend. I can finish my school assignments/do chores/write a blog post later.” One thing our pastor said last week really stood out to me, and I paraphrase, “Don’t let your distractions become your habits.” What did he mean by this? He explained that during this time of isolation and social distancing that we are starting to spend more time on the things we used…

  • Oliver in a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic

    4 Things to Remember During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Billions of people across the globe have been affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless doctors, nurses, and grocery store workers are working extended hours, putting themselves at risk. Thousands of families have members with the virus. Some are mourning the loss of life. For some of us, the only effects we can see are messed up plans and empty grocery store shelves. If you’re like me, your carefully planned year just got knocked off the tracks. This time is hard for everyone. I know you’ve probably heard plenty of advice on how to handle the pandemic these past few weeks, but I would like to offer you…

  • Bloody Hands
    Short Stories

    Bloody Hands: Part 4

    Trigger warning: This story contains abuse (physical and emotional), murder, and suicide attempts.  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The prison is a small building with one communal cell. The only other occupant is a man who smells like alcohol. He declares he got too drunk and they’ll put him in the stocks for a few hours later in the afternoon. He’s not bothered by the punishment. I sit on the damp straw in the far corner from the door and the reeking bucket of human waste. I hug my knees to my chest and hide my face. It’ll only be a couple days at most before someone from my…