About Me

About Me


Allison Grace lives in the wonderful state of Ohio with her awesome parents and little brother (who isn’t so little anymore πŸ˜‰). They own two cats (Oreo and Simon Peter) and a dog (Reese).

She’s a daughter of the One True King. She loves to study His Word and sing songs to Him.

Presently, she is in her senior year of highschool. She’s been homeschooled since preschool. Her plans after graduation include getting a job and writing.

When she’s not doing school, she can be found writing, hanging out on a writing forum, shelving books at the library, reading, brainstorming, or basically anything that has something to do with words.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, she loves writing.

In fact, if she wasn’t writing, she’d probably be crazy. (She’s crazy even when she’s writing. But at least it gives her somewhere to put the characters living in her head.)

Someday she hopes to be a traditionally published author.

But her highest goal in life is to please her King and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”