I'm just too busy to pray

I’m Too Busy To Pray

When you get busy, things start to slip. Library books don’t get returned on time. Plants don’t get watered. Blog posts don’t get written… *cough*

Somedays, you just look at your to-do list and just give up. There is no physical way that everything can get done. The lowest priorities are the first to get the axe. 

Sure, I care about my plants. I don’t want them to turn into crispy twigs. But they’ve gone this long without water, so they can wait until I finish this assignment. 

I certainly want to write blog posts, but when I finally get a break from school, I just want to read a book or look at Pinterest. 

Is one of the first things you neglect prayer? 

When life gets crazy, we often skip over prayer, but keep wasting time on social media. 

It shouldn’t be this way. 

As believers, prayer should be one of our highest priorities. We have the opportunity to cast all our anxieties at the feet of the King of kings.

Instead, we waste our time trying to handle all our issues on our own. We scroll for hours on our phones, but we say we have no time to pray. 

Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “pray without ceasing.” 

Some days, I think we simply cease to pray. 

We’re too busy. But not busy with the right things. 

We’re always going at a hundred miles per hour, but we never take a few minutes to just pray. 

Instead taking a break from work to look at Facebook, pray. 

Instead of watching the news before bed, pray. 

Instead of staying up late to finish reading a book, pray. 

Yes, when you’re busy, you won’t have time to get everything done. Some things will just have to remain undone. 

But don’t let prayer fall by the wayside. 

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