Too stressed to be blessed

Too Stressed To Be Blessed

Let’s face it. 

Life is busy. 

School. Work. Family. Friends. Church. 

Everywhere we turn we seem to have more commitments, more deadlines, and more stress. 

It’s overwhelming.

My mom has a sign that says “Too Blessed to be Stressed.” It’s cute (and I might have picked it out) but it made me think. 

How much of the time do we live as if we are “too stressed to be blessed”? 

How much of the time do we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with our to-do lists that we forget to count our blessings?

Remember back in May when I talked about neglecting prayer

Well, we also forget to be thankful when we get busy. 

Usually, when someone does something nice for us, we say thank you. It’s been ingrained in us since the days beneath the Christmas tree. 

But while we thank other people in our lives, we forget to thank God for our blessings. 

Charles Spurgeon says, “We are all prone to play most on the worst string. We set up monumental stones over the graves of our joys, but who thinks of erecting monuments of praise for mercies received?” 

Our prayers and thoughts often focus on the bad things in our lives: looming deadlines, poor test results, unexpected phone calls, and extra shifts at work.

We give God a laundry list of things we need, but we never acknowledge Him when He fulfills our request. 

It should not be this way! 

Praise and thankfulness need to be at the heart of prayer. Always. 

When you read the Psalms, no matter how despairing they may be, they always offer praise to God. They extol His character and His mighty deeds. They offer thanksgiving for His blessings. Because no matter how dark it might seem, there is always something to praise God about. 

Psalm 103:2 says, “Bless the LORD, O my soul; And forget none of His benefits…” 

Oh, how often we forget the blessings God has given us. A safe house. A loving family. Good friends. A church home. Religious freedoms. A steady job. But most importantly, our salvation. When was the last time you thanked God, genuinely thanked Him, for your salvation? Because we should be praising Him for saving us every single day. 

We don’t deserve any of the blessings God has poured out on us. And even though we continuously forget them and focus on stress instead, He continues to bless us. 

So instead of mulling over all the bad things that happened today when you go to bed, think about all the ways God has blessed you. But don’t just think about them, praise Him. Thank Him. 

And remember, while you may be stressed, you have been richly blessed. 

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  • Jules Verne

    Thanks for this reminder, Allison! I agree that it is all too easy to complain or be stressed by the struggles and challenges of our daily life… while the Lord may actually be using those very things to draw us closer to Him, to further sanctify us, or to loosen our grip on this world – and instead to cling to Him all the more!

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