• Bloody Hands
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    Bloody Hands: Part 1

    Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this short story with you all! Trigger warning: This story contains abuse (physical and emotional), murder, and suicide attempts. I was born with blood on my hands. It still stains my skin now, no matter how hard I try to rid myself of it. I shove my hands into my ragged pockets and hunch my shoulders against the rain. The graveyard is full of clusters of people, but I am not one of them. I stand off to the side, just in view of the open grave, yet far enough away no one will be bothered by my presence. There are fewer people…

  • Empty Pages by Allison Grace
    Short Stories

    I’m Back! + Empty Pages

    Hey everyone! I’ve missed blogging, but boy, do I have some exciting things coming in the next few months! Just a quick run over of all the changes before we dive into the first short story of my “new” blog. 😉 Instead of posting every week, I’ll be posting every other Saturday. That will take some pressure off of me and allow me to give you better content! Speaking of content, you’ll be seeing a lot more of my short stories and Christian living articles than before. I might occasionally post writing tips, but my focus is going to be on short stories. They will be serialized so you don’t…

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    Rose of Shannon: A Short Story

    Every year I could remember, five people were sent invitations to meet the faerie queen. One morning I found mine under my pillow, perfectly folded with a wax rose for a seal. I clutched it to my chest, my sweaty fingers smearing the elaborate curlicues on the front. “Don’t you see, Mother? I have to go. This is the chance of a lifetime.” I scrunched my bare toes in the damp grass behind our cottage—more like a hovel, if you asked me. “Everyone says that she’ll grant anything ya want. I could wish us away from this…this dump.” “Shannon! Watch your mouth, your sister is right there.” Mother glanced at…