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Allison Grace's WIP is called Checkmate.

Status: Third Draft (currently writing)

Word Count: In progress.

After her parents are brutally murdered, Aris winds up joining a small band of rebels, spearheaded by her older brother. She harbors a grudge towards him–both blaming him for their parents’ deaths and abandoning the family. But deep inside, she wishes he’d see her as a strong young woman and not his “kid sister.”
Glendale didn’t really want to be in charge of the rebellion. He just wanted to protect others from getting hurt. And if he was to be honest, he wanted a bit of fame for being the one to put the human king, Joshua, back on his throne. But he never expected the responsibility that would come with it.
Kare seems to be the only person unfazed by the conflict around him. He just does what needs done without saying anything. But perhaps his silence holds an even greater secret.
Three lives. Two kings. One spy.
Everyone must watch their backs, or they just might be caught in Checkmate.