Birds a sonnet by Allison Grace

Birds–A Poem

I hope you enjoy this writing-inspired English sonnet! This was yet another piece I wrote for my creative writing class. (Can you tell I had fun with that course? 😂)

It’s written in the style of Shakespeare’s famous sonnets. It was certainly a challenge to get the rhythms right, but it was a lot of fun at the same time.

Quiet clink of metal on glass, a plink,

he prepares to press the pen to paper.

Figures dance on blank walls, blacker than ink,

fantastical shadows cast by the single taper.

He scatters words like seeds across parchment.

Little birds take the thoughts and entrust

them to penthouses and bleak tenements

and draw out musty dreams crusted in rust.

No longer bound by stifling pages,

memories of places and people never known,

cannot be caught or bought or locked in cages.

They fly ever on, no nest to call their own.

To think such words came from a lonely room,

yet all flowers are dark before they bloom.

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