Things on an Author's Desk

Things on an Author’s Desk–A Poem

This summer, I’ve been taking a creative writing class for college. It’s been alternately stressful and fun. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on some poetry.

After reading over the chapter in my textbook covering different forms of poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, I decided to try one of them. I’m calling this a “Free-Verse List Poem.”

I hope you find it entertaining.

“Things on an Author’s Desk”

ONE stuffed black cat, wearing a teal bowtie

ELEVEN wooden pencils, all dull, FIVE with original erasers

TWO tape dispensers, ONE shaped like a cupcake, the other empty

ONE magnet bookmark, Grumpy Cat brand

THREE tubes of chapstick, TWO used up

ONE pale blue envelope, labeled “Allie”

THREE pairs of earbuds, TWO wired and ONE wireless

ONE plant, Peperomia Ferreyrae, commonly known as “Happy Bean”

FORTY root beer barrel candies, individually wrapped

TWO crocheted dolls, Iron Man and Captain America, including helmet and shield

ONE interesting rock, in a tiny glass jar with ONE pinecone, ONE button, ONE faux arrowhead, and ONE crystal

ONE notebook, full of half-finished stories.

I hope you enjoyed it! I shall now leave you to contemplate the hidden meaning behind the items on my desk. (Hint: there is no hidden meaning. I’m just very messy.) And yes, I did count out all forty root beer barrels.

What does your writing area look like? Have you ever tried to write a list poem? Do you like root beer barrels?

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