Tomorrow: A Poem, Allison Grace

Tomorrow: A Poem

I wrote this poem way back in September of 2017.

If I recall correctly, I had put off writing something all the way up to the submission deadline for a little magazine. I had no time and no ideas, but I had to come up with something.

Hence this poem.

And so, to all my procrastinating friends, this one’s for you. If you ever get around to reading it. 😉

The word that means
When I feel like it,

When I will clean my room, 
Do my homework,
Fold the laundry,
Wash the dishes.

A mythical place, 
Where hours roam free, 
All the time in the world.

You ask how this can be, 
How one day can be so long. 
You wonder and ponder, 
“How much can be done in twenty-four hours?”

My friend, I will tell you, 
‘tis very simple. 
Tomorrow is tomorrow, 
Always a day away. 

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  • Rachel

    Haha, when this email first popped up in my inbox, I starred it to read it… later. XD
    Thankfully, I didn’t wait TOO long on it. I can definitely relate to this!

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