2019 To Be Read List

I have a very, very long TBR (to be read) list for 2019. And it’s sure to grow faster than it shrinks. Such is life as a bookworm. 😁📚

Most are fantasy, but there are a few exceptions here and there.

As the aspiring librarian that I am, I alphabetized this list by author’s last names. 😎


Gillian Bronte Adams: Songkeeper and Song of Leira

After reading the first book (Orphan’s Song) in “The Songkeeper Chronicles” over the summer, I’m excited about the last two books in the trilogy. And the cover of Song of Leira is awesome. So mysterious and cool!


Song of Leira by Gillian Bronte Adams


Moody Adams: The Titanic’s Last Hero

This is actually a true story. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it before, but I don’t remember too much about it. There are so many Titanic books, but this one is different. It’s about John Harper, a pastor who drowned when the ship sunk. Although it promises to be sad, I’m excited to read it.


Rachel Coker: Interrupted

I read this book a couple years ago. It was amazing. I nearly cried and I can’t wait to read it again. Plus, it’s written by a young author, like me!


Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities

This is one of my favorite books overall, but it’s my favorite of Dickens’ books (at least, of the ones I’ve read). I’m hoping reading it a second time will be easier than the first time I read it for literature. 😅


Leah E. Good: Counted Worthy

Yet another re-read and young author. This one is a Christian dystopian. I really enjoyed it, even though it was heart-wrenching.


Sandra Merville Hart: A Musket In My Hands

I actually got to meet Ms. Hart at a book fair. I even got this copy autographed! It’s a historical fiction set in the Civil War. Unlike most CW books, this one is told from a Southern perspective.


Michael A. G. Haykin: Eight Women of Faith

Another nonfiction book! I’m very interested in reading this book. I started it awhile ago, but it was hard reading. But I’m up for the challenge!


C. R. Hedgcock: Summer of Suspense

One of my writing friends has been after me to read the “Baker Family Adventures” series. So this year, I’m going to actually read them. Years ago, I read the first four, but that was years ago—you know, when books were inscribed on cave walls—so I don’t remember too much about them.


Michelle L. Levigne: Odessa Fremont

I also met Ms. Levigne at the same book fair I met Ms. Hart. This book is the prequel to the “Guardians of the Time Stream” series. I haven’t read the series yet, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start with the prequel. I don’t usually read time travel (I find it confusing) or steampunk (in fact, I never have), but I’m going to give it a go this year!


DiAnn Mills: High Treason

Yet another author I have met! But I met Mrs. Mills at the Taylor Professional Writers Conference in August 2018, not at a book fair This is (or was at the time) her latest release. I’ve only read a couple other books by her so far, but the last suspense I read was really good.


Jennifer A. Nielsen: The False Prince

My writing mentee suggested I read this series. It looks really cool! And the catch-line on the cover is intriguing: “Choose to lie…or choose to die.”


Mrs. E. Prentiss: Stepping Heavenward

My mom gave me this book a while ago. It’s nonfiction and looks pretty interesting. It’s about a young woman’s Christian walk.


Mollie E Reeder: The Electrical Menagerie

I won this book from one of Gillian Bronte Adams’ giveaways. It’s another steampunk, so not on my usual reading list. But I’m intrigued by it just the same.


Brandon Sanderson: The Way of Kings

I’ve only ever read one of Sanderson’s books before and it was pretty good. This one is ginormous! I mean, 1258 pages? If I manage to read this whole thing this year, I’ll be shocked. 😅

J. R. R. Tolkien: The Two Towers and The Return of the King

No, I have not read the entire trilogy yet. No, I have not seen the movies. Yes, I have played (most) of the video game. I’m tired of being the only fantasy author who hasn’t read LotR. 😂 But I have read The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring. And I just watched the first Hobbit movie with my brother.


K. M. Weiland: A Man Called Outlaw

I’ve only read Weiland’s nonfiction books on writing. But I thought I’d try her fiction. This one is historical. It has a western feel to me–outlaws, ranches, and gunmen.


Jill Williamson: By Darkness Hid

I got this book for Christmas last year and I still haven’t gotten around to reading it! I’ve heard really good things about this book and I can’t wait to dig in.


Katherine Wilson: Maidens of Malidone

This is a three book series. I read the first book (The Stolen Princess) a while ago, but once again, I don’t remember too much about it. They are also written by a young author!


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What is on your 2019 TBR? Have you read any of these books? Would you like to see a review of a particular one on my list?


Where’s Glendale?


Glendale and Gandalf
Gandalf was positive he was talking to Legolas. I guess that’s what happens when you look like a famous elf. 😛



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