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Dust Blog Tour Stop #6–Author Interview and Book Review!

Hey, friends! I’m super excited to be sharing this post with you all! *throws pixie dust*

One of my favorite authors, Kara Swanson, is releasing a new book in July! It’s called Dust and it’s a Peter Pan re-telling. (It’s awesome, by the way.)

Below, you’ll find an exclusive interview with Kara herself as well as my review of Dust.

But first, a treasure hunt…

Every day in the month of June, someone will share a keyword on their blog. If you collect all 36 (because some days have more than one post, though the past few months feel like they have been 36 days long XD), you will find a chest full of pirate loot!

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And if you are able to outwit all the other Lost Boys and Girls on this hunt (and even the swashbuckling Captain Hook) and find all the clues first, you will win a signed and annotated advanced reader copy of Dust!

In case you missed the last stop (#5), here’s a link!


And then if you’re still wondering what is going on, this post should answer all those questions! https://gracebought.wordpress.com/2020/05/31/dust-blog-tour-kickoff/

To be entirely honest, I’m not a huge Peter Pan fan. I read the original J.M. Barrie book several years ago. I liked the Disney movie better than the book.

However, Dust was excellent. It’s not your typical re-telling. It’s more of a continuation of the classic tale. I loved getting to see another, darker side of Neverland that Disney and Barrie never show us.

My favorite part of Dust was definitely the characters. I love Claire so much and Peter…wow. His voice was so perfectly quirky, childish, and entertaining.

However, I’m particularly fond of Captain Hook. His character is spot on and he was very interesting.

Content wise, there was no language. There was romance and some kissing. A couple fight scenes and some blood, but nothing too violent. Swanson does deal with a some deep topics like depression and attempted suicide (also a dark evil trying to tear apart Neverland).

*goes over to ancient chest* I’ve been holding onto this keyword for a long time, waiting for the Chosen One to arrive. I guess that must be you, right?

Your keyword is than

I can see you were hoping for a more exciting word, but let me remind you, even the tiniest of things can have great power. *winks* Like fairies.

Be sure to stop by https://thelongvoyage.org/2020/06/07/dust-tour-stop-7-author-interview/ tomorrow for your next keyword!

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Lost Boys, Indians, Pirates, and Mermaids, please welcome Kara Swanson!

My questions are in bold and her answers are in italics.

What inspired you to write Dust?

I’ve always thought that we needed a Peter Pan retelling that stayed really true to the original Peter that we all know and love, so I set out to craft a retelling of my own that built off J. M. Barrie’s foundational Peter, while letting him grow and expand a bit. I also created a character named Claire Kenton, who has grown up too fast and has pixie dust dripping from her fingertips—but refuses to believe in magic. Claire kind of represents those of us who never had a chance to escape to Neverland and had to see more of the world’s shadows than we might have chosen. And as Peter helps Claire begin to believe in magic again, she pushes him to step outside his selfish existence and truly become a leader who fights for his Neverland.

That’s awesome! What was the most fun part to write? The hardest?

I think capturing Peter’s unique voice was both the hardest, and one of the most fun aspects of writing Dust. It took me so long to nail down his unique phrasing, but it also is so fun to get to dive in to his quirky, snarky voice.

My greatest weakness is a snarky character. I think Peter’s voice is perfect! If you could write absolutely anything you wanted, what would it be?

I would love to write a fictional Batgirl novel or something for Marvel because I’m a #nerd XD

*laughs* I’m a nerd too. Writing something for Marvel would be so cool! What was the first story you can remember writing about? How old were you when you wrote it?

I wrote a story about a Beaver named Splash and his sister Lilypad. I was probably…10? Maybe younger?

Aww, it sounds cute! What’s one question you never get asked during interviews, but wish you did? How would you respond?

OOooh fun question! Maybe– what are some songs that inspired Dust? I really love “Lost Boy” and “Golden” by Ruth B, “Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini and “Potential” by Madilyn Bailey.

I’ll have to listen to those! When does Shadow (Dust‘s sequel) release? 😉

July 21, 2021! Yay!

*marks calendar* Thank you for joining me, Kara! And congratulations on Dust‘s release!


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