Orphan's Song is a Christian Fantasy book.
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Orphan’s Song Book Review


Orphan's Song is a Christian Fantasy by Gillian Bronte Adams.

Birdie has lived all her life as a servant at the Sylvan Swan. Life is drudgery working for Madame who accuses her of being crazy, delusional, and worthless. The only bright spot in her life is a visit from the traveling peddler Amos, her only true friend.

But when a dark soldier kidnaps her, she’s thrown into a conflict greater than she ever imagined. And the conflict is over her and the mysterious Song only she can hear.

They call her Songkeeper. This is her story.


There were a few times I was confused on what was happening. And a couple times when I was a bit bored.

But the rest of the story made up for it.

There was plenty of mystery and I found myself wanting to know about the Songkeepers as earnestly as Birdie herself. Every single time someone would start to explain, I would get excited, but they never got to finish telling her what the Song means! 😫

And the plot twists are epic! I won’t give any away. 😉

I also enjoyed the bit of allegory sprinkled in. Not over-the-top, but just enough to see the parallels to the Bible. My favorite kind. 😊



I loved the characters!

I felt the most like Birdie. A bit confused and curious, wondering what being a Songkeeper means, and why on earth no one likes them. I mean, who doesn’t like music? Particularly magical music? Come on.

Amos made me laugh with his ridiculous banter and Irish brogue. He was so devoted to Birdie, yet almost afraid of her ability, it was super cool! A masterfully created character. Plus the mystery about his dirk (a fancy word for a small dagger) and shadowy past.

George Eregius Waltman the third. Enough said. 😺



There was a lot of blood and a few hands getting chopped off. Plus the decapitation of a bird and a few throat-slittings.

No language and no romance. (Which was fine by me.)



The Author

You can find out more about Orphan’s Song and the author Gillian Bronte Adams on her website: https://gillianbronteadams.com/


Your turn!

Have you read Orphan’s Song? Are you going to get a copy after reading this review? What is your favorite type of allegory?


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