Romanov: Don’t Miss Out on the Pre-Order Goodies!

Nadine Brandes latest historical fantasy Romanov is releasing on May 7, 2019! That’s less than two weeks away!

I haven’t read it yet (no advanced reader copies for me 😭), but I’m super excited about it! Partially because my family has a running joke about the Romanov dynasty (my dad knows weird facts about them) and partially because Fawkes was so awesome!


Since I’m on Nadine’s Street Team, I get to help her promote Romanov! As part of that, I’m helping spread word about her pre-order campaign.

If you pre-order Romanov, you have a chance to win some pre-order goodies!

Pre-order here on Amazon! Of course, it doesn’t have to be Amazon.

Once you pre-order your copy of Romanov, fill out the form here to register for the goodies!
The pre-order goodies form again!


But why should you pre-order besides getting some prizes?

Well, pre-orders help the book’s rating to go up, telling bookstores and other retailers that “Hey, people want to read this book.” And that sells even more copies!

And prizes. Even if you don’t get the physical goodies, you’ll get the virtual ones. I’m excited about the annotated pages. What could be better than seeing what the author was thinking when they wrote a scene. (Isn’t that the question us bookworms ask all the time? “Why did she kill that character? What was she thinking?”)


And now, I will share some lovely quote graphics to get you excited!

(Note: All thoughts are my own and totally guesses based on knowledge gained from reading many books over the years.)

Romanov quote

But what if it’s royal and magical? *ponders*

Romanov quote

Hmm. My first thought is an engaged couple. Then again, maybe it’s a family.

Romanov quote

Aww! But I have a feeling this will end tragically. 😭I love this quote.

Romanov quote

This is my second favorite quote. (the first is the one above it) I’m a fan of sarcasm. Also a fan of characters making sacrifices or dying for each other.

Romanov looks so exciting! At least it’s releasing soon, so I don’t have to wait much longer.


Are you excited about Romanov? Have you ever heard of Nadine Brandes? Have you read Fawkes


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