• English Sonnet

    English Sonnets and Baseball Games

    My last semester of high school, I studied Shakespeare’s tragedies (Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear) and various sonnets. One of my assignments was to write my own English sonnet. I was inspired by the Irish tune “The Foggy Dew.” It’s beautifully haunting and one of my favorite pieces to play on my flute.     Midsummer’s day looked over war, And now the soft shadow of night doth fall Where long grass once rolled with heath of the moor. Now death’s gentle cry rings out a chill call. The haunting pipes long since ceased weeping, Éire’s bold colors no longer sway proud. And yet the fog comes quietly creeping…

  • That's The Ballgame--A Poem

    That’s The Ballgame–A Poem

    I wrote this poem a few years ago. It’s still one of my favorites.     Bottom of the ninth, Home team down by two.   Bases loaded, Two outs.   The first pitch, Graceful curve, Low, ball one.   The next throw, Fast and quick, Swing and miss.   A high ball, Slow and just outside.   In the dirt, Then a swing, Full count.   The crowd is on its feet, Jumping,             Roaring,                         Screaming,                                     Stomping.   The batter grips the bat, Heart pounding, Hands sweaty.   This one swing, Just one more, And the game could be over.   The pitcher winds up, Deep breath,…