• Short Stories

    Departing–A Flash Fiction

    I am late for my own funeral. The quick staccato of my heels on the tiled floor softens as I slip into the service. The only empty seat is in the front row, so I lean against the wall beside a planter of lilies. Their stench floods my nose and nearly chokes me. The elderly pastor, who congratulated me on finishing first grade so many years ago, is in the middle of a lengthy prayer. As a child, I squirmed and thought about the promise of McDonald’s after the service, but now I find a moment of solace in speaking to God. A quiet island in a storm of secrets.…

  • Writing

    Fast Tips for Writing Flash Fiction

    I’ve been writing a lot of flash fiction lately. Most of it I’ve shared on the blog, but some of them I’m still working on. And then, of course, are the horrible pieces that will never see the light of day.  I’m doing a summer creative writing class through my college and I’ve been learning a lot about writing better flash fiction! I wanted to share a few tips with you, to help you write your own flash fictions. Focus on one thing Flash fiction, by its very nature, is incredibly short (usually less than 1,000 words). There isn’t time to dive into subplots or explore a fantasy world.  When…

  • Short Stories

    Remember–A Flash Fiction

    I thought of you today, as I sifted through the boxes of memories in the attic of my mind.  I remember the first time we met. How after my brother introduced me to you, your eyes never followed another girl that whole night. I was wearing that teal dress I thought made me look like a movie star. I thought that was the reason why you watched me.  Next time I saw you, you were picking up my brother to go to a conference. I didn’t know you were coming, so I was in the yard, my unwashed hair in a tangled bun, wearing a too big T-shirt and ratty…

  • The Guardian
    Short Stories

    The Guardian–A Flash Fiction

    No one came to see the Guardian anymore.  He sat in the same place he had for centuries, his face set like stone against the elements. If someone was to pass him by, they might mistake him for a statue he was so weathered and overgrown with vines. Yet no one had walked down that wooded path in years.  He quietly hummed to himself, watching the humans walk past his hidden grove on the paved sidewalk. He had seen many such people. So many of them distracted by the noises around them to notice the hidden magic of the gardens.  A pigeon landed on the Guardian’s outstretched hand and pooped.…

  • This World of Gray--A Flash Fiction
    Short Stories

    This World of Gray–A Flash Fiction

    The only thing that kept her grounded was her music. Her earbuds were like an IV, streaming life into her bones.  When They came, she started sleeping with the carefully shaped plastic pieces in her ears. When the bombs came and the world turned to ash, she turned up the melody to drown out the screams. When soldiers crowded the streets in front of her home, she hummed along.  As she walked down the dirty streets, she kept her eyes closed and she moved in sync with the rhythm. She let the soft magic of harmony take her away and to a place with green grass and blue sky. Here,…