• Short Stories

    Remember–A Flash Fiction

    I thought of you today, as I sifted through the boxes of memories in the attic of my mind.  I remember the first time we met. How after my brother introduced me to you, your eyes never followed another girl that whole night. I was wearing that teal dress I thought made me look like a movie star. I thought that was the reason why you watched me.  Next time I saw you, you were picking up my brother to go to a conference. I didn’t know you were coming, so I was in the yard, my unwashed hair in a tangled bun, wearing a too big T-shirt and ratty…

  • The Guardian
    Short Stories

    The Guardian–A Flash Fiction

    No one came to see the Guardian anymore.  He sat in the same place he had for centuries, his face set like stone against the elements. If someone was to pass him by, they might mistake him for a statue he was so weathered and overgrown with vines. Yet no one had walked down that wooded path in years.  He quietly hummed to himself, watching the humans walk past his hidden grove on the paved sidewalk. He had seen many such people. So many of them distracted by the noises around them to notice the hidden magic of the gardens.  A pigeon landed on the Guardian’s outstretched hand and pooped.…