• Little Hope or Living Hope?

    Little Hope or Living Hope?

    On the road to Mammoth Cave is a tiny cemetery. If you blink you’ll miss it.  When my family drove by a few years ago, we were startled by the name: “Little Hope Cemetery.” Did it earn its name because of its diminutive size or because those buried in it despaired of life after death?  It’s sobering to think about.  In reality, there are only two cemeteries in this world–The Burial Place of Little Hope and The Resting Place of Living Hope. The graveyard of the unredeemed and the tombs of the saints.  The hope the world offers to unbelievers is as fleeting as the dew. It is nothing more…

  • How Digory Kirke Reminded Me to Hope

    Guest Post From Rachel Leitch: How Digory Kirke Reminded Me To Hope

    Before we get started, in the spirit of honesty—I haven’t read all the Narnia books. I did, however, listen to all the audios. The Magician’s Nephew was one I listened to over and over. While I’m not quite sure what drew me to it back then, writing this post made me turn back to my family’s battered copy of the novel. And it was even better than I remembered. One of the things that drew me in the most was the character of Digory Kirke. At first, it was just his snark. (Read those first couple chapters and try to tell me he doesn’t have snark.) Then it was that…