• How Digory Kirke Reminded Me to Hope

    Guest Post From Rachel Leitch: How Digory Kirke Reminded Me To Hope

    Before we get started, in the spirit of honesty—I haven’t read all the Narnia books. I did, however, listen to all the audios. The Magician’s Nephew was one I listened to over and over. While I’m not quite sure what drew me to it back then, writing this post made me turn back to my family’s battered copy of the novel. And it was even better than I remembered. One of the things that drew me in the most was the character of Digory Kirke. At first, it was just his snark. (Read those first couple chapters and try to tell me he doesn’t have snark.) Then it was that…

  • Be Bold, Be Kind, And Defend Truth

    Be Bold, Be Kind, And Defend Truth

    We live in a world where absolute truth is no longer accepted. Belief in God is mocked. And some people treat Christianity as a fantasy.  The world loves to bombard us with lies. Sometimes these lies are blunt and obvious from miles away. But they can also be cleverly disguised and we unwittingly accept them.  Have you ever tried to hide a pill from your dog by covering it in peanut butter? Or maybe you’ve tried those “pill pocket” treats. Most dogs figure out this trick and spit the pill out, eating only the good stuff.  The world likes to hide its “pills” in peanut butter too—deceitful philosophies show up…