Allison loves writing and reading.

Hello and Welcome!


My name is Allison and I love writing! (You never would have guessed that on your own. 😏)


Who exactly am I?

Currently, I’m a homeschooled high school senior from Ohio. I live with my two awesome parents and my super cool brother. We have two cats (Oreo and Simon) and a dog (Reese).

Our cat Oreo and Reese the dog.
Oreo observes Reese the day we brought her home.
Our cat Simon
Simon stares wistfully off into the distance.
Reese the dog. Isn't she cute?
Aww. Isn’t she just the cutest?

When I’m not writing, I can be found reading, doing school, crocheting, and practicing flute.

I also love watching TV with my brother. We both are huge Star Wars fans.


You might be thinking, “All that is utterly fascinating, but what on earth do you actually write?”

I’m glad you asked!

I primarily write non-magical Christian YA fantasy. I’m disappointed in the selection of fiction available for teens. So many are full of language, romance, and other inappropriate content. 🤮

So, I’m committed to writing clean, worthwhile fiction that glorifies God and is enjoyable to read.

You can read all about my medieval fantasy, Checkmate, here.

I’ve dabbled in poetry and fan fiction, but I love fantasy. (No, I have not finished reading Lord of the Rings. Shame on me.)

Some of my favorite authors include: Jaye L. Knight, Carly Davis, C.S. Lewis, Jaye L. Knight, Jaquelle Crowe, Nadine Brandes, and did I mention Jaye L. Knight?


And now, the purpose of this blog.

First and foremost, I want this blog to honor God. I don’t want to be consumed by the number of email list subscribers, the number of comments, how many likes I might receive. I want to be focused on honoring Him above all else.

I don’t want leave a legacy. I just want to be a light for Jesus.

This blog is also for you, my dear reader. It’s for you to learn about writing, about books, all from a Christian perspective. I sincerely hope it fulfills that purpose.

And finally, it’s for me to get my writing out there. For me to make connections and learn more about the writing craft.

I hope this blog serves its purpose and is a blessing to you! ❤


Where’s Glendale?

I have crocheted a few of my characters. I thought it would be fun to pose them doing random things or visiting various places. Keep an eye out for them in future posts!

glendale enjoying the snow

Glendale enjoying the first snow here in Ohio.



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