Pananaw Blog Launch Tour!

Some of you may know Jo from her old blog, The Lens & The Hard Drive. I found her blog through several other blogs. And she is also part of The Young Writer’s Workshop!

Now, she is launching a new blog, entitled, well, I’ll just show you the graphics.

And this is Jo, the author of Pananaw!

I had the opportunity to interview Jo. (I like interviewing people, okay?) I was warned it probably wouldn’t be interesting, but we both had fun!

My questions are in bold and her answers are in italics.


To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure! I’m Jo, and I’m a Christian Filipina writer, photographer, musician, athlete, amateur acting enthusiast, bookdragon, (I refuse to be labelled by a mere worm *sniffs*) and overall crazy.

I’m a lot of things. 😝

Bookdragons for the win!


How did you come up with the name Pananaw?

Well, in the beginning I always wanted to change my blog name, and at first settled on the name Viewfinder (after that important part of a camera!). But since that name was already taken, I had to rack my brain for something nobody else would think about. Since I’m Filipino, the word pananaw, which means “the way one sees things” and practically means the same thing as “viewfinder” came to mind. And stuck.

That’s very cool! 


Now we’re all wondering, what will you be writing about on Pananaw?

I will be writing about… exactly what I was writing about on my old blog. Everything and anything my mind comes up with. That part will probably never change. XD I might start focusing more on my culture- maybe more about weighty topics, but for the most part, the same randomness that I’ve heard some people know and love won’t change.

I’m looking forward to it!


What is your favorite part of blogging?

COMMENTS. I love, love, love writing, reading and answering comments! It’s lots of fun to talk to other bloggers and see what they think, share what I think, and use a lot of “XD” ‘s. Honestly, comments probably are more meaningful than likes, and that’s more than one reason they’re my favorite part.

Same here! Though I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the like button on my site. XD


Can you tell us about your current writing project?

Most certainly! The A’s & B’s of Normal (working title) is a story about Ricky, a young girl with ADD who would just like to be normal- but with her dad being a college professor, her mom a researcher and teacher, her brothers autistic, and none of them ever stepping foot into public school, that’s impossible- more so when she finds herself going to college. It’s one of my favorites, writing Ricky’s mind and getting to do a ton of researching about autism and ADD. 😃 And it’s driving me crazy.

Sounds cool! I like doing research. (totally hasn’t spent a whole morning researching what to do if a bear or wolf attacked you)


What’s your favorite Bible passage?  

I love this question! Most people just ask about verses- which is torture to answer. XD I really love Romans 8- it has helped me go through a lot of tough times and, probably of all the passages I know, has really helped me grow in my faith, and I just love it.

I love Romans 8 too! 


If you could bring any fictional character (your’s or someone else’s, it doesn’t matter) to life for a day, who would it be and why?

For a day? Any character? NO HELP THAT’S HARD WAH- I can’t decide on any of mine, so I would definitely bring   back … um.. Maraly Weaver from The Wingfeather Saga. Because she is really something else.

I haven’t read all of The Wingfeather Saga. *hides under a rock* But I have read the first one! 


What are your top three favorite:


*cries* TORTURE!

  1. Wolf Hollow
  2. Beautiful Blue World
  3. And….. Out Of The Silent Planet



Clearly, I’m dying by having to pick. XD

  1. Avengers Endgame (which, I haven’t seen yet, but at the time of this release I most definitely will have and honestly, it’s already a favorite 😝 )
  2. The Case for Christ (why haven’t more people seen this?? It’s WONDERFUL!)
  3. The Lord Of The Rings (needs no further explanation for its amazingness.)




  1. Bacon crumbles!!
  2. And gummy bears!
  3. And last and most importantly, ice cream. 🙂


Thank you so much for interviewing me, Allison! It was fun (and torturous XD) answering these questions!

My pleasure!


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