Pumpkins, Puppies, Pirates, and Professors!

Fall has finally come! And with it come college classes!

You heard me right, I’m starting college. If you had told me a few months ago I would be going to college, I wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, I might have laughed. But after much prayer and discussion, my parents and I decided this would be the best route for me.

I’m getting a degree in English and Creative Writing through Liberty University Online. That means I get to stay at home and do all my class work on my laptop! No dorms! No cafeteria food!

I’m pretty excited about getting started! My first day is Monday, the 21st. Prayers would be appreciated!

Now onto the pumpkins, puppies, and pirates I promised…


Allison Grace the pirate

Let me explain the bandana. My brother and I are into Pirates of the Caribbean right now and his birthday theme was pirates. So I decided to “dress up.”

Simon with pumpkin

Simon tried to take a bite of my pumpkin.

Reese and pumpkin

Reese gave it a good spit shine.

Allison Grace with pumpkin

Then I got to carve it!


Allison Grace with pumpkin

I made Liberty University’s logo!

Oliver with pumpkin


Glowing pumpkins

What makes that photo so awesome are the phantom gnomes in the background. On the right is Jerome, on the left is Spurgeon.


We took Reese for a hike…


found some berries…

Woolly bear

and a woolly bear.

Oliver in tree

Oliver climbed a tree with gorgeous yellow leaves. This might be my favorite picture ever of him. 😍


Reese eating cake

We always share birthday cake with our dogs, and Reese has the funniest facial expressions ever. She loves to carry around paper plates. XD


And now, I have delivered pumpkins, puppies, pirates, and professors.

What do you like to do in fall? Have you carved a pumpkin yet? Does your dog like birthday cake? Have you ever seen The Pirates of the Caribbean?


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