5 Christmas-Themed Character-Building Activities!

5 Christmas-Themed Character-Building Activities!

Merry early Christmas, friends! Are you ready to celebrate Jesus’ birth?

I have finished almost all my Christmas presents and most of them are wrapped. I’ve also really been enjoying my daily advent devotional my church provided.

Now that it’s Christmas break (hooray!), I’m hoping to write more for fun. I’m guessing some of you are too. Sometimes, it’s hard to regain momentum if you’ve been taking a break for a while (too busy with school, etc.). The best thing to get you writing again are some fun prompts you can do with any of your characters!

Here are 5 Christmas-themed character-building activities!

#1. What would your characters get you (the author) for Christmas?

While some of our stories may not have Christmas or another gift-giving holiday, this is still a super fun thing to think about. What your characters would theoretically give you actually reveals a lot about their personality.

Are they a Scrooge? Is their gift heartfelt? Handmade? Store-bought?

#2. How would your characters decorate their homes for Christmas?

You can find all kinds of Christmas decorations in the stores, from glitter-covered snowflakes to rustic wooden reindeer. Like their gift choice, chosen decorations reveal a lot about characters.

Just by knowing what type of decoration would catch their eye tells you if they like simple and elegant, over-the-top gaudy, or anything between.

#3. It snows on Christmas. The kind that lends itself perfectly to snowmen and snowballs. What do your characters do?

Some characters prefer to stay inside by the fire and watch the fun from the windows. Others just want to shovel the driveway and get it over with. And some make stockpiles of snowballs and pelt the sticks-in-the-mud until they join in.

#4. What do your characters want most for Christmas?

Pretend your characters are writing letters to Santa. Or, if they are too old/serious for that, figure out their deepest, most secret wish.

Do they want their family back together? Do they want a new bike? What about a trip to an exotic location? The throne of a kingdom? An army?

This technique is helpful in discovering if your character is secretly selfish or genuinely as selfless as they portray themselves. It also helps uncover a softer side to a gruffer character.

#5. What roles do your characters play while making Christmas cookies?

There’s always that one person who’s only around to taste-test. Then you have the expert bakers, the strong ones who can roll out the dough, the decorators, and the clean up crew.

How would each person decorate a gingerbread man? Do they go heavy with the sprinkles and frosting? Is the decorating simple or ornate?

Or do they even like Christmas cookies?

These are some of my favorite character-building activities to do. As they say, actions speak louder than words, and I find knowing what a character would do in a certain situation is more valuable than just a questionnaire.

Have a Merry Christmas and have fun writing!

Do your characters celebrate Christmas? Is there snow in your world? Which of your characters would jump at the chance to pelt another with snowballs?

Oliver’s Travels!

Oliver in my mini Christmas tree
Like all cats, Oliver enjoys climbing. Thankfully, he’s so light he won’t harm my mini Christmas tree!


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