Writing Resolutions Part 1

Writing Resolutions: Types of Writing Goals

2019 is just around the corner! And that means that everyone is preparing to create their “resolutions” that they will fail to keep by January 2. *whistles nonchalantly staring off into distance*

But as the new year comes around, isn’t it the perfect time to prepare “writing resolutions”?

So, what exactly are writing resolutions? ‘Cause that sounds kinda scary.

In short, writing resolutions are just writing goals.

But that doesn’t help if you don’t know what writing goals are, does it? ;D

There are three types of writing goals:


Yearly or Long-Term Writing Goals

These goals typically take a long time to complete and are very major. Some examples might be finishing your novel, finding an agent, getting published before graduating college, etc.

You can’t expect these goals to be accomplished in just a few days. These might be the hardest goals to make and keep because of that.

It can be very daunting to stare at a huge project like writing a whole novel. Where do you start?

That’s why it’s helpful to create our next type of writing goals:


Monthly Writing Goals

Honestly, I had never thought about creating monthly goals until my mentor suggested them to me.

But they are incredibly helpful for making huge goals more manageable.

You can break up your long-term goal of writing a novel into monthly bites. (How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.🐘🍴* )

It might look something like this:

January—start brainstorming

February—begin outlining

March—polish outline and have someone look over it

April-June—write first draft

July—give novel a break

August—start editing novel

September—get alpha or beta readers

October-November—go over readers’ suggestions

December—begin re-write

I also like to add a few things not necessarily related to my long-term goals into my monthly plan—reading a writing book, launching a blog, submitting a short story for publication, etc. That way I can get more stuff done in a month!

*No elephants were harmed in the making of this post.


Weekly Writing Goals

Hooray! We have arrived at my favorite type of writing goals!

These are the smallest goals—the tiniest bites.

I typically make my writing goals on Mondays, then evaluate my progress on the following Saturday or Sunday. They usually consist of things like:

  • Re-write two chapters of my WIP (work-in-progress)
  • Edit an article
  • Write two new blog posts
  • Email so-and-so about guest posting
  • Prepare for author interview
  • Book photo shoot

Tune in next week when I talk about the best ways to make weekly writing goals!

Happy writing,

Allison Grace



Your Turn!

Have you ever made writing goals? Which kind sounds like it would help you the most?



Where’s Glendale?

This week I did a photo shoot for some later blog posts. I turned my back and Glendale, Aris, and Kare took over and made a “hobbit house” from my books!

You know which one is Glendale, but you probably don’t recognize the others. Aris is the gal with brown hair up on the lower level of the house. Kare is the guy in the doorway.

Glendale takes over the photo shoot!



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